Where there is disparity, there is opportunity.  FC Barcroft is a soccer club in Arlington, Virginia seeking to rewrite the narrative of career player development in US Soccer. More specifically, FC Barcroft is seeking to eliminate barriers to entry for talented low-income and underprivileged young adults in the Greater Washington Area to play the beautiful game of soccer at a semi-pro and eventually the professional level.


Currently, the game is losing increasing numbers of talented young players to US Soccer’s Pay-to-Play business model, which is exclusionary in nature. With a relatively small number of players being recruited to play professionally in the US, many top-class players are forced to give up on their dreams when asked to pay hundreds of dollars to participate for a single season with a local club. FC Barcroft is actively seeking to upend this model and sponsor talent of all kind in the Northern Virginia community, not just the privileged.


Having experienced a 35% rise in population in the last half-decade that is overwhelmingly due to international migration, the Greater Washington Area, a true microcosm of the world, is a quintessential environment for FC Barcroft to operate. With the leadership in place, FC Barcroft is uniquely qualified to execute on its mission of becoming a successful team competing in UPSL and beyond.



4200 S. Four Mile Run Dr, Arlington, VA 22206



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